Want to join the Australian Hazara career journey?

Community Four’s Hazara Careers Program is looking for Career Guides. Career Guides are people who can assist community members to identify their dreams and aspirations, and help them to develop the tools they need to reach their greatest potential.

Career Guides need a decent amount of life experience, excellent listening and engagement skills, a strategic mindset and a commitment to working as equals with the Hazara community.

The Hazara Careers Program runs for 12 weeks and consists of a combination of one to one career guidance and group events. The commitment for Guides is 60-90 minutes per fortnight for a minimum of 5 sessions. The one to one career guidance sessions are held in a mutually agreed time and place (near the South East of Melbourne.)

Express your interest through this link: https://goo.gl/forms/k0TLwGy3OXi8cZiC3


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