We innovate with refugee communities to create lasting, purpose driven projects that tackle complex social challenges. We support communities to design and test their own social projects in partnership with more established Australian community groups.  These projects are eventually owned and independently run by the community, becoming a sustainable part of their social and cultural infrastructure.

Project: English and Life Skills for Australian Hazara Women

A partnership with Australian Hazara Women’s Friendship Network (AHWFN), the English and Lifeskills Project seeks to strengthen the work of AHWFN in empowering their community, through the co-development of a literacy, language, life-skills and networking curriculum for over 40 women living in Melbourne’s south-east.

Communities Direct: Health Information Sharing Service

The Communities Direct Program supports Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities to access important health information through their established and trusted networks.  Within 24hours of any priority message or announcement, it can provide information collated directly from Government sources, translated by the community for the community by qualified translators (in text and audio for varying literacy levels), and sent on behalf of community leaders through their established direct messaging networks such as Viber.

Project: Careers

A unique careers program designed with and for the Australian Hazara community. Project Careers is a SymLab collaboration between Community Four and the Victorian Afghan Associations Network (VAAN). It brings together business, community and social innovators to design a program tailored which engages Hazara community members in unlocking their potential.

Project Careers aims to be the antidote to failing one-size-fits-all careers and employment programs to provide businesses and community members with real opportunities to diversify their knowledge and skills base.