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What we do

Community Four unites diverse Australian communities through projects that address shared social challenges. We believe that the future of social change is in connection, rather than conflict.

Collaboration: We work closely with new and emerging communities, particularly those with a high representation of people with refugee experiences, to identify and build social and economic solutions to address their biggest challenges. These solutions include community-led employment pathways, language and life skills projects.

Connection: As part of these projects, we connect our partner emerging community groups with more established Australian communities and organisations that have a long term, vested interest in the success of the project. We place a strong focus on the development of social capital and value exchange within the wider Australian society as a way to promote social cohesion and shared prosperity. 

Our Projects

Our projects support new and emerging communities in designing and implementing their own social projects.

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Symbiotic Innovation(SI)

Symbiotic Innovation (SI) is a ground-breaking approach to working with communities which was pioneered by our co-founder, Gavin Ackerly.

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