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What we do

Community Four works with people seeking asylum, refugees and other new arrivals from emerging communities to build powerful, community owned social advancement programs. We seek to revolutionise social assistance approaches in Australia and globally.

Traditional approaches to social challenges place the welfare agency, whose focus is crisis management, at the centre of designing and implementing social solutions. With the best intentions, this ‘agency centric’ approach is ultimately undermining community collaboration and resilience.

Community Four is charting a new path. We bring together communities and a unique mode of thinking called Symbiotic Innovation which promotes community interdependence as a powerful vehicle for social advancement. We call the spaces where the community and SI thinking meet SymLabs.

SymLab Projects

SymLabs support new and emerging communities in designing and testing their own social projects

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Symbiotic Innovation(SI)

Symbiotic Innovation (SI) is a ground-breaking approach to working with communities which was pioneered by our co-founder, Gavin Ackerly.

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