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Become part of our community!

We believe the most effective and sustainable form of social assistance is the simple act of community members supporting each other in times of need. We also believe everyone can play their part in building a better world. Contact us to let us know what your part will be.


CommunityFour is a grassroots, community built organisation. We rely on the generous donations of individuals like you to support our groundbreaking work. Every dollar we earn goes toward creating a stronger, smarter, more inclusive Australia.

Donations to our organisation are tax deductible

Get Involved!

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to support our work. For a list of specific volunteering roles and opportunities please contact us.

“Being a citizen is not about whether you belong. It’s about what belongs to you”
Zrinka Bralo, The Forum, UK
“There is no systemic solution to a systemic challenge.”
Josh Harvey, UNICEF Innovation
“We want to reverse the approach and we want to start from what already exists, instead of building up something ourselves.”
Sonia Ben Ali, Urban Refugee, Paris
‘”What can we do next?” was a common discussion we would have.’
Robert Hakiza, YARID, Uganda
Innovation that does not involve the people it is meant to assist is not innovation – it is, in fact, part of the problem.
Gavin Ackerly